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Next Season @ Penrith
Mon 29/07/2013   Week 2 Duty
19:30 Rhinos vs Penguins Tig
20:15 IceDevils vs Tigers Pen
21:00 Sonics vs Ravens Rap
21:45 Raptors vs DruidsA Son
Set Up: Penguins
Pack Up: DruidsA
Tue 30/07/2013   Week 1 Duty
19:15 KnightsWSB vs Hippos Dug
20:00 Dugongs vs SlipnSliders KWSB
Referee: Jeff Ferrara
Set Up: Hippos
Pack Up: Knights Who Say Broomball

Summer Mixed A: Parramatta Raptors
Summer Mixed B: Glenmore Park Druids
Summer Mixed C: Iceatopes
Summer Mixed D: Rhinos
Summer Mens: Ticklers
Summer Womens: HockeyRoos
Winter Mixed A: Glenmore Park Druids
Winter Mixed B: Glenmore Park Druids
Winter Mixed C: Knights Who Say Broomball
Winter Mens: Warriors
Winter Womens: The Femmes
Summer Mixed A: Werrington County Sonics
Summer Mixed B: Team IceBucket
Summer Mixed C: Brass Monkeys
Summer Mens: Terminators
Summer Womens: Crimson Furies
Winter Mixed A: Glenmore Park Druids
Winter Mixed B: Glenmore Park Druids
Winter Mixed C: Titans
Winter Mens: Terminators
Winter Womens: The Femmes
Summer Mixed A: Penrith City Rangers
Summer Mixed B: Glenmore Park Druids
Summer Mixed C: Titans
Summer Mens: Ticklers
Summer Womens: Silver Snipers
Winter Mixed A: Glenmore Park Druids
Winter Mixed B: Huskies
Winter Mixed C: Carney Clownz
Winter Mens: Warriors
Winter Womens: Crimson Furies
Summer Mixed A: Werrington County Sonics
Summer Mixed B: The Penguins
Summer Mixed C: Carney Clownz
Summer Mens: Ticklers
Summer Womens: The Femmes
Winter Mixed A: Blactown Butchers
Winter Mixed B: The Penguins
Winter Mixed C: Ice Bogans
Summer Mixed A: Sonics
Summer Mixed B: The Penguins
Summer Mixed C: Tigers
Summer Mixed D: The Replacements
Winter Mixed A: Ninjas
Winter Mixed B: Wildebeests
Winter Mixed C: The Replacements
Winter Mixed D: Wild Boars
Summer Mixed A: Druids
Summer Mixed B: Huskies
Summer Mixed C: The Unforgiven
Summer Womens A: Crimson Furies
Summer Mens A: The Terminators
Winter Mixed A: Druids
Winter Mixed B: The Penguins
Winter Mixed C: Huskies C
Winter Mixed D: Wild Boars
Womens A: Cedrus Diadara
Mens A: The Terminators
Summer Mixed A: Druids
Summer Mixed B: Guinness
Summer Mixed C: We Luv Bubba Ganoosh
Summer Mixed D: Low Riders
Winter Mixed A: Druids
Winter Mixed B: Team IceBucket
Winter Mixed C: Raptors
Womens A: Monsters
Mens A: Hackers
Summer Mixed A: Sonics
Summer Mixed B: Can Openers
Summer Mixed C: Team IceBucket
Summer Mixed D: Hunters
Winter Mixed A: Mighty Ducks
Winter Mixed B: Polar Bears
Winter Mixed C: Can Openers
Winter Mixed D: Robots
Summer Mixed A: ThunderBirds
Summer Mixed B: Polar Bears
Summer Mixed C: Icebergs
Winter Mixed A: Sky Dragons
Winter Mixed B: Anglers
Winter Mixed C: Phoenix
Winter Mixed A: Sky Divers
Winter Mixed B: Ice Gators
Summer Mixed A: ThunderBirds
Summer Mixed B: Steelers
Summer Mixed C: Golden Falcons
Womens A: Morlocks
Mens A: Mules

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